Term 2 Numeracy

We are learning to:
  • multiply by skip counting
I will know I am successful when I can:
  • Skip count in 2s, 5s & 10s
  • Solve multiplication problems (6 groups of 5 or 6 x 5) by skip counting

My next step is to:
  • multiply by using repeated addition.
  • 3 x 8 = 8 + 8 + 8

Term 2 Writing - Information Reports

I am learning to
  • write an information report

I will know that I am successful when I have
  • Helped my audience to know a lot about the topic
  • Included many important words about the topic

Te Reo - Waiata with Matua Rihare

We are learning to:

  • speak Te Reo confidently
I will know that I am successful when I can:
  • name family members in Te Reo
  • name food in Te Reo
  • say my mihi and answer questions about myself
  • sing new and familiar waiata

Term 2 Music

We are learning to:
  • recognise music vocabulary
We will know we are successful when we can:
  • connect the Tempo word with the correct speed of movement

Term2 Reading

I am learning to:
  • read to find information
I will know I have been successful when I can:
  • Find answers that are 'right there' in the text or pictures.
  • Use my reading skills in other areas of my learning, like Integrated Topic

Te Reo - School Waiata

We are learning to
  • sing the school waiata in Te Reo
We will know we are successful when we
  • sing the words, not shout
  • say the Te Reo words correctly
  • sing with respect

Term 2 Physical Education

Learning Intention
I am learning to throw accurately
Success Criteria
Stand with opposite foot forward
Point at the target
Throw accurately to targets from an increasing distance

Learning intention
I am learning to use a range of sending and receiving skills
Success Criteria
Send the ball accurately, over increasing distances
Trap the ball effectively

Term 1 Integrated Topic

What can I do to make my lunchbox healthier?
- an apple
- a banana
- a pear
-an orange

C.A.R.E Term 1

Get involved and take turns.
Share and use equipment fairly.

Active Thinking
Agree on game rules and play fairly.
Be a caring friend.

Listen, speak and show respect to others.

Try your best.
Play safely.

Working as a team

Tabloid Sports with Room 6